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Healing Interventions, Inc. is a private organization that provides mental health services for the citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia. Our organization was founded in 2009 and is governed by regional and local management entities representing a cross section of citizens from these areas.The services are provided by the most qualified professionals adhering to a high standard of quality and values. We invite you to discover all that Healing Interventions, Inc. has to offer. We believe that mental illness is treatable and Healing Interventions can help you achieve the outcome that you desire.

24hr Crisis Line: 919-745-7336

Healing Interventions, Inc. empowers individuals to achieve personal growth and development to providing the highest quality rehabilitation, education and support services.

Healing Interventions, Inc. supports the following values that embody the guiding philosophy of our services:
We believe each individual is need of treatment is unique.
We believe treatment should adhere to a high standard of quality.
We believe that positive outcomes can be attained by all individuals.
We believe treatment should be timely, affordable, in adherence to best practices and should be provided in a safe, flexible and accessible environment.
We believe treatment  benefits the individual client and his or her family, but also the public health, safety and economy of our community.

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